On my way to Brandy’s senior session, it started sprinkling.  I got out of the car and thought to myself, “This is a really blustery fall day!”  and I immediately pictured Winnie the Pooh.  Really.  I did.   You know, his little scarf blowing in the wind??…  Anyway, it had stopped sprinkling, so I was hoping it would hold off long enough to get some great pictures of Brandy, and it did!!  We meandered around Crane Park with Brandy’s mom and clan and had a great time!

Thanks for coming all the way to Kalamazoo, Kaye & Brandy!  It was great meeting you!  Brandy,  hope you enjoy the rest of your senior year!

{Our Family}

I’ve been wanting to do some photos of our family for awhile now and we finally had the perfect evening!  The plan was to head to the apple orchard and get some fall photos, but since we arrived 20 minutes before they closed (lesson learned: check hours of operation) we decided to take the party elsewhere 🙂  Where else but Asylum Park, our new favorite place to take evening walks!  We had a blast setting up the tripod in random places and trying to get Eli to smile at the unmanned camera!  Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Can’t you tell that Eli just adores his daddy.  Love these two so much!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, our favorite of the night.  I ordered this in a 24×36 on foamboard for our living room wall.  That’s 2’x3′!!!!!!  It should be here tomorrow and I am giddy!!!

If you’re interested in having some fall photos taken of you and your family, my weekends are filling up fast so shoot me an e-mail!

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{The Feuchts}

I had the pleasure of meeting the Feucht family this evening.  The boys were full of energy and lots of fun!

Colin sure loves his mamma.

Colin & Ethan look like the have a lot of fun together.

Thanks for inviting me into your home!  Hope you enjoy your preview.

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I think this might be the first session I’ve come home from and not wanted to take a nap.  Typically, I work pretty hard for my shots.  Singing, silly faces, playing lots of peek-a-boo and, of course, chasing down my subject(s).  Let’s just say I didn’t have to do any of that for Caleb!  In fact, if I would’ve, I think he might have thought I was a little nuts!  That’s because Caleb’s a SENIOR!!!  This was my first go at a senior session and I really enjoyed it!  Hope you enjoy the results!

Caleb brought his motorcycle with him…

Thanks for hanging out today, Caleb, Jenny & Cheryl!  Hope you guys had fun!

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{Kelly & Jamison}

You may remember Jamison from his first birthday shoot.  Poor little guy didn’t like the cake… cried actually!  Fast-forward 6 months and you have a happy, active little 18 month old!  In honor of Grandparent’s Day this Sunday, Kelly wanted to get some pictures taken of her and little Jamison to send to her parents back in West Virginia.

He found some great sticks!

Isn’t she just a beautiful momma?!

Look at those cheeks!

Thanks for coming over, Kelly.  We need to do play dates more often!!

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{The Taplins}

What an evening!  Matt, Stacia & Will were in town from Boise, ID for Matt’s sister’s wedding and we were fortunate enough to get to hang out with them during their time here.  Matt & Andy, my husband, grew up together, so I’ve heard PLENTY of stories about Matt & Andy’s adventures!  It was great getting to know Matt and even better getting to know his wife, Stacia!!

Stacia is training to be a midwife.  You know, the home birth kind.  If you’ve been reading for awhile, you may have had a chance to check out the old blog and read Eli’s birth story & you may have read about our awesome Bradley Birth instructors, so you may know that I’m a big advocate for natural birth.  I’m sure you can imagine my excitement in getting to spend the evening with Stacia and talking birth, well, pretty much all evening! 😀  Stacia just returned from a month in the Philippines where she helped 25 women give birth safely to healthy little babes.  What a great thing to be a part of.

Then there’s Will.  He was the smileyest (pretty sure that’s not a word) little boy you’ve ever met!  He’s an adventurer just like his daddy.  We explored the woods and I think he would’ve stayed out there all night if we would’ve let him!  Will loves to jump, leap, be thrown, do flips, climb trees… you know, all that boy stuff 🙂  He warmed up to me pretty quickly and we had lots of fun!  Now on to the pictures!

Will is a very loved little boy…

Matt & Will were the definition of goofy!

He got some AIR!

I think this captures their family well!

Matt, Stacia & Will,  thanks for making time for us in your busy vacation schedule!!  We enjoyed your company and hopefully we will see you guys again soon!

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Brody & Eli are best buds!  They were born just 2 weeks apart & have pretty much everything in common 🙂  Except hair… Brody has got a full head of luscious curls and they naturally make a mohawk on the top of his head!!!  When his momma and I get together we just gab and gab and typically don’t accomplish the task at hand… I think we did pretty good this time, don’t you, Michelle?

He sure loves his momma!

He loves pine cones too 😀

Aren’t they adorable?!

Thanks for hanging out, Michelle.  Can’t wait for round two this week!

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