{The Shaffer Family}

I met the Shaffer family this weekend at Milham Park and we had gorgeous sunny weather!  Although it was a little chilly, the kids were troppers.  What sweethearts.  This brother and sister actually seem to LIKE eachother 😉


Your kids were a blast to hang out with.  You have some real gems on your hands!  Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

{Drew & Alicia}

Drew & Alicia are great friends of ours, but busy life gets in the way and we never end up seeing each other!  It was great to have an excuse to get together and hang out for the evening 🙂

It was fun hanging out again – we’ll have to do it again soon! 🙂

{Brittani & Paul}

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Brittani & Paul to capture her adorable belly before she popped!  Doesn’t she look great?!



It was great meeting you guys!  Hope everything goes will with the labor & delivery! 🙂