{The Kersting Family}

Meet the Kersting Family. Dan, Jessica and adorable little Mac. Jessica is due in a few weeks and is just glowing!

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Kersting family – thanks for a fun evening 🙂  It was great to see you all again!  Can’t wait to meet the wee one!

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{Ron & Diane}

Meet Ron & Diane.  Kind, happy, and two of the most giggly people I’ve ever met! 🙂  I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed all the way through a session.

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Ron & Diane – I had a great time spending the evening with you!  Thanks for all the laughs!

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Meet Jamison.  Three Years Old.  A total ham.  This boy LOVES trains… actually, that may be an understatement.  “Thomas” and “Percy” were fortunate enough to join us for the evening.

Kelly, thanks for making the drive!  It was fun chatting, as always 🙂  Jamison is such a little sweetie!

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{The Lacey Family}

Meet the Lacey Family.  Josh, Anna and Finley.  You may recognize them from previous appearances on the blog here & here.  Needless to say, Finley has grown a bit in the past 18 months!  She is a confident, independent little one who loves to be silly.  She had her own ideas about this session, but we managed to still capture her adorableness!

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{Megan & Makenna}

Meet Megan & Makenna.  My wonderful friend and my God Daughter.  Two of my favorite people.  Megan is kind, thoughtful, and a very loving mother.  Makenna is sweet, giggly and super silly.

To say this is a photo heavy post might be an understatement, but I just couldn’t help myself with all their adorableness!

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They even blew me a kiss goodbye!

Megan & Makenna – thanks for being so wonderful!  Love you both!

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{The Anderson Family}

Meet the Anderson Family.  Dustin, Sam, Blythe & Sawyer.

Blythe is full of energy and Sawyer has a sweetness that is unbearable.  We had a wonderful morning running around the park, reading books, playing baseball and swinging!

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Andersons, it has been such a pleasure getting to know your beautiful family!  We look forward to many more adventures together 🙂

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{The Simpson Family}

Meet the Simpson Family.  John, Melanie, Alexis and Eli.  A brother and sister who love each other and two amazing parents!

It was a crazy hot afternoon but the Simpsons were great sports!

Simpson Family – Thanks for allowing me to capture all that love! 🙂  Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

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{The Rookus Family & Baby Will}

Meet the Rookus Family.  Josh, Alexa and Adi… and Baby Will.  He’ll make his appearance in a moment.  In the mean time, doesn’t Alexa just have the most adorable belly?!

And look at Adi’s eyes! Striking!

Shortly after our first session, this family of three became a family of four.  Meet Baby Will.

He is adored by his older sister!

Rookus family, thanks so much for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your family.  Hope your transition is smooth! 🙂

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