{Ella’s Birthday}

After posting about my baby girl’s birthday, I couldn’t help but add a post with all the details.  Breakfast with daddy, Silver Beach, Pizza at Gram & Gramps, Ice Cream with momma topped off with a Tea Party in the park a few days later with 3 of her little girlfriends.  This is one girlie girl.  I love when we can slow things down and just go Ella speed.

Disclaimer: This post is a little photo heavy… Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😉

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{My Ella Girl}

My sweet Ella girl. Two years have come and gone and I fall more and more in love with her every day.  She is my thoughtful, tenacious little snuggle bug.  My mini-me. My girlie girl. She teaches me patience and attentiveness. Flexibility, understanding and compromise.

She’s always anxious to get me a cup of “tea” to have a tea party. There isn’t much that her “pa-ce-ce-ce” and her “ba-dee” can’t fix.  She loves to snuggle almost as much as she loves her daddy.  She sets the table. She sings. Loves babies. Loves to swing. Loves to tease. Adores her big brother and wants to do everything E-I does. He can make her laugh like no other. She is a wonderful, caring big sister to her little brother, constantly exclaiming “It’s ok!”

Over the past year, she has gone from being rocked to sleep to giving me a kiss and saying “night, mommy.” From “help” to “I got it.” She is growing more and more independent every day. She knows what she wants and isn’t easily persuaded and I hope she keeps that strong-willed, passionate spirit. I am so thankful that I was chosen to be her mother.

Happy birthday to my beautiful Ella Bella Ballerina! Can’t wait to see what year three brings!

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{Makenna’s 4th Birthday}

This is our beautiful Goddaughter, Makenna and her wonderful family.  She’s 4 already! She had a fairy birthday party and was given a new fairy house to match her playhouse! She was such a little angel with perfect manners all night long!

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{Father’s Day}

He licks the drippy ice cream cones

He’s Eli’s human punching bag, mattress, jungle gym, etc…

He always shares his cookies…

He rises with the boy, no matter how early it is…

He makes the best pizza

He plays baseball with Eli… lots of baseball…

He’s the best snuggler

He delivers babies

He takes Ella on dates…

He goes camping in the backyard

He’s an amazing story teller…

He provides for us and is always looking for new ways to be able to spend more time at home…

He’s Eli’s example & Ella’s hero…

He’s daddy, dad, padre, father, dada…

He’s Ours.

Happy Father’s Day to the most amazing father three kiddos could ask for!

Father's Day 2 Father's Day 1 IMG_6323 IMG_6458 IMG_6745

I had the kids do a little question and answer about Andy. The results were quite humerus!


And a very happy Father’s Day to my own dad!  Thanks for always being there.

I love you dad!Crofoot Family 17

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Realized yet again that the kiddos are growing way too fast so we attempted to freeze that for a moment tonight.  Today I told Eli to stop growing.  His response: That’s how life goes! Sorry, Mom!

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