P52 || Week 10

Week 10 is brought to you by Ella, my 7 year old daughter. I’ve picked my camera up for fun more during this P52 than possibly ever before and it’s fun to see her get excited about it too! She asked me if she could take some pictures and here are a few she came up with. I love seeing life through her eyes!

P52 Week 10.2P52 Week 10.1P52 Week 10.3

P52 || Week 9

My baby turned 6. He came into this world on his own schedule and nothing has changed since! 😀 He’s all about Star Wars and Legos and this birthday was nothing but! He was beside himself with excitement to host some friends for a party. Life is so bittersweet. It’s such a joy to watch his grow up but I do wish I could keep him little forever.

Happy birthday, Levi. We love you! xo

P52 Week 9.3

↑ ↑ iPhone snap ↑↑

(I was proud of myself for just being in the moment on his actual birthday!)

P52 Week 9.1P52 Week 9.2