{Meet Nicole}


Hello & welcome.
Glad you found me!

How I describe myself…
– wife to a therapist hubs who loves fiercely + completely + whole-heartedly
– momma to three littles
a clever & intellectual 7 year old, Eli.
a helpful & passionate 5  year old, Ella
a lovable & perfectionist 4 year old, Levi
– attachment parent whose shutter button is the closest thing I have to a magical ‘pause’ button.

Things I enjoy…
– sunshine.
– people watching.
– up north.
– camping.
– the beach.
– french press coffee.
– a clean kitchen.
– crazy family bike rides.
– meeting new people.
– and photographing them.

So pull up a chair, hang out awhile, drop me a line and let me pause life!

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Photo Cred: The amazing Sarah Rypma